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Hella horny. Hella sleepy. Hella sad.


wanna make a secret handshake it involves us touching our mouths together for three hours


Reasons why you should date me:

  • I’ll make you breakfast.
  • You’ll be my breakfast.


You’re family.

I haven’t given up on you before, and I’m not planning to anytime soon. If you don’t want me to stay, then I will go,

but I am not giving up.


Maybe true love means letting you go if that will make things easier😔 id hate to think I’m holding you back, and i mean it when I say I want what’s best for you. So if that doesn’t include me, then I guess I have to do what I have to do

I’m still hoping it’s you and me in the end.
10-Word Story #26 (N.A.)

Fuck I forgot how romantically charged Wall-E is 😔

I’m still the same guy who asked you to text him when you’re home every single time you left his house, just to know you got there safe.

I’m sorry. I’m trying. I care about you and love you;
I always will.


why hit rock bottom when u can hit my bottom


STOP. This is the police, you’re under arrest for being too cute. Now, put your hands where I can hold them.